Thursday, January 16, 2020

The final task

 I've participated in the making of a music video, now the time has come. Since the beginning of this journey, I've learned about many new things. From camera angles, to camera movements, sounds, and many more, it's time I put them to use. I loved learning about sounds the most, aside from editing techniques. While watching films and shows, sound was something I didn't directly pay much attention to. When you think about sounds in films, most people would think about how sound helps to create the mood. Although they are not incorrect, sound is much more than that. There are a variety of sounds and each has a different example. For example, 

 Today, I will be starting my final task, which is the making of a two minute, original, opening to a film. I also got to learn about pitching a film. A pitch is a Hollywood term used to describe an idea where a film is encapsulated in just a few words/sentences. The specific type of pitch I will be using is the elevator pitch. The vision used when it comes to elevator pitches is imagining oneself going up a couple of floors in an elevator alongside someone who is very important. You don't have much time to say your movie idea, and so this is where elevator pitches come in. You have 30 seconds to sell your movie idea. What will you say in that short amount of time? I've managed to come up with three elevator pitches. Although I'm still deciding on which one I'll be using for this project, here's what I've come up with thus far.

1) The life of Roman, a young boy who survives a neurological virus outbreak sets out to find a cure and discovers he isn't the only one.

2) Tired of the torment she faces from her schoolmates, Grey, a devoted high school outcast decides it's time she takes matters into her hands. Her involvement in the murder of her nine classmates is traced through conflicting memories during a police investigation.

3) A group of teenagers are suspects in a bank robbery, a crime they didn't commit. What will it take to prove their innocent?


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