Saturday, January 18, 2020

A pitch or a home run?

  I've managed to narrow down my pitch options. This was a bit difficult, considering my three pitches fit the thriller genre. While deciding on the two I'd stick with, I thought about many factors. Filming was one of my main factors, I also thought about a couple of mis en scene such as make up, costuming, and actors etc.

  The first pitch I decided on was "Tired of the torment she faces from her schoolmates, Grey, a devoted high school outcast decides it's time she takes matters into her hands. Her involvement in the murder of her nine classmates is traced through conflicting memories during a police investigation." While picturing how I'd film this, my thoughts were simple compared to the ones of other pitches. I alone could be the actress in my two-minute opening so, because of my preference of working alone, when it comes to assignments like these, I immediately decided on this pitch. Make up and costuming would too be simple. I would be able to utilize my everyday clothing and not change much about my appearance to fit the main character.

  The second pitch I choose was "A group of teenagers are suspects in a bank robbery, a crime they didn't commit. What will it take to prove their innocent?" Compared to the pitch I didn't select, this seemed to be more in my range. I wouldn't need to use any kind of excessive make up. I could easily use a couple of my schoolmates to play the role of the teenage group. Make up and costuming also wouldn't be too difficult to work on. I believe both of these are both really good for this assignment; they spark interest. The first one especially, which is why I've made my final decision to go along with it.

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