Monday, December 2, 2019

Filming challenges

 This past week has been more challenging than anticipated. I ended up switching my storyboard around a bit. Sticking to it was much harder than I thought it would be. When it comes to the angles, movements and the type of shots I plan on using, I’m pretty confident. I’ve not had to worry about those just yet. Something I do indeed have to worry about is shooting my new scenes. I need to have solid back up plans if no one is to assist me with shooting. Overall, I was able to get a bunch of new shots, my music video is nearly complete!

 Over Thanksgiving break I spent the first two days filming morning scenes. When I woke up I made sure it was the first task I did. During my process, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to shoot every single take I was hoping to get from my storyboard. With me working alone, it didn’t come as a surprise. Therefore, as I was shooting, I made changes to my storyboard and continued on. Now I need to shoot a few more takes in a much different location than expected. I’ll be shooting some school and bus scenes this week, in hopes of sorting through all my takes by the end of the week.

 Furthermore, I never did get to purchase the mount I originally planned on using; therefore, I improvised. I made a tripod out of a toilet roll. I used a paper roll to hold it up and stacked a few boxes underneath. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was much harder than you think. Because I was shooting in different locations, moving the boxes were quite a hassle. My phone kept falling out of the “tripod” and the paper roll kept falling over.

 Moreover, my phone had been acting odd too. Whenever I’d place it at a certain angle, the camera would start glitching. It’s not as noticeable in majority of the shots I plan on using though. Even though this is occurring, it’s not ruining my shooting process. I’m still very much content with my takes. I’ve also already begun to edit my music video. I won’t be going far in depth with the editing, that I will save for another post. This journey has been interesting, yet difficult.